Why I Will Never Put Myself in a Situation that Could Lead to Addiction

Adam Geyer
2 min readApr 5, 2021

Nowadays drugs are becoming more and more common. Being in highschool, I see all of this firsthand. Many of my good friends even have turned to drugs and alcohol to either have fun or find some mental place that separates them from reality.

My brother failed out of college twice because of how much he used weed. He would rather smoke than go to class and this resulted in him getting a 1.6 GPA and getting kicked out of college and his fraternity which was later shut down because of hazing. I do believe that seeing my brother struggle with drug use definitely contributed to my hatred of them. I strongly believe that nothing good comes from drug use.

Recently, my brother and I went to Texas together for 4 days. Just us two. We stayed at my grandparents house and them going to bed at around 9:00 gave us a perfect chance to talk about everything. One big thing he told me about was the de-personalization that comes with using weed. He said that after a while without weed it feels like you aren’t actually living anymore but rather watching someone live your life.

Hearing that was terrifying. Teenagers now are already so focuse on “living in the moment” that anything that could potentially make that worse or in their eyes “temporarily better” was awful. This made me realize that people only use drugs to chase a life that isn’t real. Unless you plan on smoking weed every single day of your life, you’re going to think that life sober just isn’t fun anymore.

I don’t like trying to escape from reality or being tied down to anything. I like to face my problems head on and enjoy everything that we’ve been given totally sober. That’s why I’ll never put myself in a sitaution to become addicted to anything.