Tik Tok and Perspective

Adam Geyer
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Being a 16-year-old, a huge part of my life is social media. As you can imagine, everyday I see a million different kinds of content ranging from music recommendations to videos like these. There was a fairly recent trend where people would turn up the saturation on a video they look of the world and then they would take the filter off making the world appear “gray”. Personally I absolutely hated this trend. I didn’t understand why someone would make a video about something that they couldn’t change about the world.

This brings me to the topic of perspective. If we choose to see the world as a colorless place that’s all we’ll ever think about; how the world could improve rather than focusing on how much we have and what there is to be grateful for. Shortly after this awful trend a new trend followed where people would take videos of nature with no color and then they would remove a black and white filter to show how much color the world has; I of course liked this trend much better.

So next time you think something isn’t good enough, think about how much worse it could be. Don’t waste time thinking about how much better something could be when you could be grateful for everything that you have. Life is all about your perspective on different things so don’t let yours be pessimistic. Try and find the good in every situation and never forget how lucky you are to be able to read this right now.