Lenexa Fry Review

Adam Geyer
4 min readFeb 28, 2021

This week I decided to try something a little out of the ordinary in comparison to my other autobiographical style stories: A french fry review. One of my best friends, Slayde and I went to 4 fast food restaurants in the lenexa area and gave a thorough review of experience getting fries. These restaurants were McDonalds, Freddy’s, Culver’s, and Chick-Fil-A.


Going into the druve thru at McDonalds, Slayde and I both had relatively low expectations. We arrived to the designated “ordering box” and ordered only a small fry. We were then given our total and told to go to the first window (keep in mind we did not take price into consideration). As we made our way to the second window we were handed our small fry in a neglected paper pocket holder. In the bag there were also napkins. We immediately pulled away from the second window and were eager to try the fries. As Iate one I couldn’t help but notice how overwhelmingly hot the fries were. After letting the fries cool down (preventing the fulfilllment of a quick need for a french fry) we began to eat the rest of the fries. The perfect ratio of crunch to chew was spectacular; as was the perfect amount of salt. After we finished eating the fries our fingers were very greasy, but thanks to the napkins they gave us, it wasn’t an issue. I give McDonald’s fry experince a 7/10.


Freddy’s was very close to McDonald’s and there was no line at all. We ordered another small fry and again were handed the bag. The first thing I noticed was the Freddy’s labled cup that the fries came in. We were also given napkins here. As we began to eat the fries the first thing I noticed was how incredibly skinny they were. I had to eat at least 4 fries to taste anything at all. Other than being very miniscule, the fries were the perfect temperture, seasoned perfectly, given in a thoughtful container, and also very well portioned. Freddy’s definitely gave us the most fries but this may have been because they were so small. I give Freddy’s a 4/10 because the fries were just way too small for me.


Culvers was just across the street from Freddy’s. Culvers had a relatively long line, but the amazing employees let us park on front of the store to get our food early since we got something very small. The worker gave us a bag with napkins and the fries, like McDonalds, were presented in a forgotten looking paper holder. Unlike Freddy’s fries, Culvers’ were very thick and were even wavy! However, this was only an allusion as I would soon find out that the fries were poorly seasoned and even hotter than McDonald’s fries! This was very disappointing because they were the perfect shape. I give Culvers a 6/10 only because of the customer service.


Chick-Fil-A happened to be right next to Culvers, so while we waited for the Culvers fries to cool down, we began our trek in the what seemed to be never ending Chick-Fil-A drive thru line. The customer service was great as always and when we got our fry we had high expectations. As we tried the fries we both agreed that they made us unusually thirsty for a reason that was unknown to us. The fries were also pretty inconsistent in size and texture. Other than that however, they were waffle fries and they were the perfect shape. You could also tell that they were fresh. I give Chick-Fil-A an 8/10.

Chick-Fil-A was my overall winner.