Highschool Jobs

Adam Geyer
2 min readFeb 2, 2021

After searching for a few months recently I got a job at SPIN! Pizza in Lenexa. When I first got the job I was really excited because I went to spin a lot and loved their food and overall environment of the restaraunt. I was also pretty excited to start making a decent amount of money. I’ve been working at spin for about 2 months now and I still love working there, but I’ve realized a few things about highschool jobs within my time there.

I think that the best part about highschool jobs is the diversity. Every day of work is just a new random group of human beings who would never usually be together but just… are; and this of course isn’t only relevant for highschool jobs, but ages differ much more at restaraunts which seem to typically be staffed by a majority of highschoolers.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how close I’ve gotten with my co-workers. As we all endure the same struggles of working at the extremely fast-paced restaraunt, deal with angry customers, and make mistakes, we all have found many similarities in eachother and I think that’s pretty cool. So even though I was scheduled 22 hours in one weekend and had to tell my manager I thought I was working too much, it would take a lot for me to abandon the people I work with now.

As long as I have at least one free night and morning on the weekend, I plan to keep working at spin and when I leave it will definitely be hard to see the people I’ve become so close to leave.