Explaining 5 Random Pictures From My Camera Roll

Adam Geyer
3 min readMar 23, 2021


  1. 2021 4-door Rhino Grey Jeep Rubicon

I took this picture at the Jeep dealership while I was with my friend Dalton. Dalton was looking for cars and I immeditaly spotted this beauty which has always been the exact car that I’ve wanted. I sent it to my dad and was promptly given the “really adam” text. I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

2. Jason Shoe

This was taken at Buffalo Wild Wings when Nate found a picture from a while ago that made us cry laughing. We were all silent and Nate suddenly showed us the picture of the “Jason shoe” which was alarmingly accurate. Jason shoe will forever be an inside joke within my friend group.

3. 2021 Olathe Rec League Champs

This is a picture of my Rec Basketball team right after we beat the other undefeated team in the league by 16 points. I’m very very bad at basketball and only really play defense and avoid the ball as much as I can because I know that nothing good will happen if I get my hands on it. However, in this game in the last few minutes someone passed me the ball and out of no where I decided I was going to shoot at 3. I made the 3 along with a buzzer beater half court shot in our 2nd game of the season.

4. 2 headed deer.

This next picture was taken when I was on a walk with a few of my friends I looked over and saw what I thought was a drone but turned out to be what looked like a 2-headed deer. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to take a picture and after I did the deer both vanished and the tale of the 2-headed deer reamins unsolved.

5. School Lunch

This is a picture of a brekfast biscuit that my friend from DeSoto High School sent me. As you can see, it looks extremely not edible and pretty dry. This goes to show that school lunches have just gotten worse and worse somehow.