297 Miles Away

Adam Geyer
3 min readJan 14, 2021


Top left: Grant. Top right: Megan. Bottom: Adam (me).

Shown on the left are my 2 blood siblings: Grant (21) and Megan (18). Grant has been living in manhattan for a few years now and works for my step-dad at the Manhattan Mercury. Megan, however, is a highschool senior at Olathe West this year.

When Grant left our house on Gander Street I was pretty sad but knowing that I’d still have Megan around for a few more years kept me at ease. But those years went by extremely fast and now I only have 7 months left with her. Megan and I have always been extremely close, only arguing about stupid things about once a month. Most recently it was whose sunglasses were whose on Christmas Eve.

When Megan was Graduating 8th grade I was in 6th and like every middle school, there was a gradution for leaving 8th graders at the end of every year. Once the day of the graduation rolled around, I cried hysterically (keep in mind we lived in the same house still…). I was just sad and I didn’t really know why. Maybe it was because I couldn’t wave to her in the hallways anymore or walk to my Mom’s car after school with her again. Needless to say, when Megan leaves for college I’m not really sure what I’ll do.

Megan provides a lot of the energy in my household. She’s pretty loud and surprisingly weirder than me. She’s usually heard singing a different song, (usually whatever’s stuck in her head that day) or saying some new saying — the most recent being, “breh” — . Another thing about Megan is that she’s not the most gifted person when it comes to driving. She’s rear-ended someone, hit a few curbs, and somehow a deer even ran into the side of her car. Megan and I ride to school together everyday because there’s no point to drive 2 separate cars to the same place and back everyday, She alsotold me she’s a little embarassed to drive a car with a dent in the side and the bumper falling off.

At the beginning of my freshmen year Megan and I made a deal that we would leave our house everday at 7:20. Megan of course has had a few instances where she’s woken up late ( 30 at least). This usually results in me being mad at her because I like to get to school early so I can talk to my friends. But thinking back on it now, I’d rather be late to school a million times than drive to school alone next year.

Megan plans on going to OSU which is about a 4 and a half hour drive from here. 297 miles to be exact. There’s no doubt that our house will be pretty dull without Megan around. I’ll miss all of the stupid songs and phrases and her waking up at 7:40 almost everyday, but most of all I’ll just miss her. I’ll miss having someone to tell all of my friend issues to and all of our stupid inside jokes. I have no doubt that Megan will thrive in college but I just wish she never had to leave. But since that’s not really something I can control I guess the only thing I can tell her is to give her everything to college. Give your everything like Jeneane does when she runs to third base. I’ll miss you I guess…